Flower Photography by Derek Harris


For me, the most important and happiest time is when I am with and recording the beauty and colours of Nature. I feel blessed, my life and occupation has been photographing Flowers, Gardens and the natural Landscape.

The work featured here is very special to me as it takes me and the viewer to the inner beauty and heart of Nature. Seeing flowers many times larger that life-size is a captivating and revelatory experience ….. we are captivated.

Taking time to ‘look’ and really seeing the amazing details and colours in the flower is an experience. In Taoism it is called ‘Figure-Ground Meditation’ and just spending a few minutes, or longer in ‘Mindfullness’ solely in peace is beneficial. 

My Studio Flower Portraits are simply photographed against a black background with careful lighting and great attention to detail. They taken in the ‘old fashioned way’ …. that is produced ‘in the camera’ with all their natural beauty, not manipulated in a computer. Nature is best seen straight and in all it’s glory.

I am passionate and find a lot of peace and calmness in creating my photographic images and I do hope that by spending time with my pictures you too can share the same peace and calmness. Even time for Meditation.

Derek Harris